Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3×02 Review (To Josh, With Love)

crazy-ex-girlfriendIn a stunning turn of events that literally no one saw coming, Josh has decided that maybe being a priest is not for him. Wait a minute. That’s not right. Someone saw it coming. Oh, right. Everyone saw it coming. There was not a single person who thought this was a good idea, except Josh. Besides,

PAULA: “He’s such a loser anyway.”

Since Josh only decided to be a priest to absolve himself of the guilt of dumping Rebecca at the altar, he really has no idea about what it means to be a priest. When he finds out, he’s really not pleased.

JOSH: Dear God, I have to read all this religion and Bible stuff and I don’t understand any of it. And it doesn’t interest me at all.

Hector and White Josh (yay, Hector and White Josh; those two need more screen time) are just as bewildered by Josh’s choices as anyone else, and even more so when they realize that Josh hasn’t made any contact with Rebecca aside from an email draft.

HECTOR: Are you really going to become a priest so you can ignore an awkward conversation?

Something’s messed up if Hector is calling you on your bullshit.

Before realizing that she actually wants to confront Josh, Rebecca thinks that

not a great plan.gif
Rebecca this whole episode

she wants to destroy him. Since she doesn’t like Paula’s plan, which is too boring and not life-ruiny enough, she turns to Nathaniel, the most evil person she knows. Nathaniel’s plan, unsurprisingly, is too evil since he took “ruin Josh Chan’s life” seriously and literally. But, being Rebecca, Rebecca has to jump through all those hoops to realize that the catharsis of confrontation is all she actually wants. So she confronts Josh in her wedding gown. She reprises “After Everything I’ve Done for You” and accidentally reveals all her crazy to Josh and a group of amusingly nosy churchgoers. Josh is relieved that the whole mess is no longer his fault. Rebecca is horrified that she’s revealed everything.

There’s also a plotline about Tim not satisfying his wife. Michael McMillian has an unexpectedly good voice, but aside from that song (which sounds a bit like “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from Les Misérables to me) there’s not a lot to say about it. Well, except that it’s pretty much his first subplot aside from the time Paula nearly got him deported.

[Side note: I guess Mrs. Hernandez talks all the time now?]

Despite Darryl’s absence (seriously, where is Darryl?), I think that To Josh, With Love is a slightly better episode than Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge. Probably because there were more songs, and more songs is always better. I like the aforementioned reprise best, probably. I love the way that the music in this show connects current episodes back to earlier ones. A lot of shows forget early canon the longer they go on, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend both brings back musical motifs and references minor events (like the time Rebecca clogged her disposal with chicken bones to get Josh to fix it for her) for no other reason than because that’s the kind of thing actual people do.

slytherin“Strip Away My Conscience” and “I’ve Got My Head in the Clouds” are both solid, but personally I prefer the latter. I have to applaud the continuation of Harry Potter/Slytherin references in Rebecca and Nathaniel’s courtship, but that’s all I’m going to say about “Strip Away My Conscience” to keep this review to a semi-manageable length. Josh has grown on me steadily since the beginning of the show, and now I really look forward to his songs. I think Greg overshadowed him in season one, but since Greg’s departure I’ve found that Josh turns in some of my favorite songs. He gets a lot of great little comedic moments. His absolute delusion in this song is hilarious.

Greg[Side note: I still think that Greg needs to return as a guest star at some point, both because he was so important to so many characters and because he was pretty much everyone’s favorite character.]

I’m not sure what I think about the return of Evil Nathaniel. I have liked his character development, especially in regards to his relationship with Darryl and the other people at the office, but I’m not really sold on the Nathaniel/Rebecca romance. I get that it’s not supposed to be a good thing. But it is a mess, and it’s just a matter of time before it self-destructs (*strains of “It was a Shit Show” playing in the distance*). I’d kind of like to fast-forward to the inevitable end, and Evil Nathaniel will probably speed it up. Also, Nathaniel has his best lines when he’s being a douche.

Having to wait a whole week for the next episode is annoying, because I’m excited to see how everyone responds to the Rebecca revelation. Well, Rebecca, you’ve done it now. Big revelations are always fun.

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