About Funfandomblog

Audra as Eleven
This is me dressed up as Eleven. If this doesn’t tell you what kind of blog this is, nothing will.

Hi, everyone!

If you are reading this, you are probably

a) either my mom, my sister, or my brother

b) lost


c) someone who really likes talking about nerdy/geeky stuff (and likes book reviews)

My name is Audra Miller, and I am a twenty-something with a bachelor’s degree in English. I worked as a librarian for a few years but am currently a lead bookseller at Barnes & Noble. When I’m not reading or talking about reading, I’m writing, watching TV, or playing volleyball.

This blog is misnamed. I named it before I knew exactly what I was going to do. While I do occasionally write about fandom, this blog is almost entirely reviews, mostly of books but also of TV shows, musicals, and the occasional movie.

Basically, I talk about the books I’m reading and the shows I’m watching in a level of detail that is too embarrassing to do in real life. Hopefully there are other people in the world who are interested in reading that kind of stuff. If not, that’s not going to stop me from writing about it.

So if you’re here intentionally, thanks! I’m very flattered! Feel free to talk to me in the comments.

11 thoughts on “About Funfandomblog

  1. Nailed it! I am always (A), often (B), usually (C). I’m enjoying looking around your site. Anyone with pictures of Inigo Montoya and Dr. Who on their blog is a friend of mine, even (ya know) if you weren’t already a friend of mine.


  2. Hi. I was hoping you are a distinguished professor with ten PhDs, who every word is considered gold….. reason, I was casting about for a non rave review of The Cold Millions. I could barely get through half…it was like I was totally distracted, or worse. I wanted assurance from on high.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever read more positive reviews for any book, and our bookclub will discuss next week. The person who recommended it said it was the best book she’d ever read. Admittedly I haven’t given it a real or fair reading…. so went back last night and had less patience. Just saying.
    ps you don’t need a full professorship or ten PhD’s.

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    1. I wish I were a distinguished professor with ten PhDs! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Lit, but that’s it. But that’s definitely how I felt about this one, too. I was told by so many people that this book was so good but I just really… hated it. It definitely makes me feel better that you didn’t care for it either, because yours is the only other dissenting opinion I’ve come across and it always feels weird to be the one person who doesn’t agree.


  3. Your review of Our Country Friends felt like you were in my head. At the end if the book I kept thinking am I falling asleep & missing things, do I not know enough about Chekov, why can’t I pay attention,ugh. So a few days later I sit wondering if everyone gave this book great accolades and your review showed up in my search.
    Thanks for writing & sharing. I learned it was not have been just me.

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    1. That makes me feel better, too! It’s always a little uncomfortable when everyone else agrees on something. I knew I wasn’t giving the book my full attention, but still. I discussed this with a book club, and no two people could agree on what happened at the end. One person was convinced that all of it had actually happened. I thought that most or all of it was an imagined “what if” and everyone else either had no idea or thought it was some combination of the two. I think that some of that disorientation was deliberate, but it went a bit too far for me personally.


  4. Hi, what a great blog! I’m not lost. I found you searching for book reviewers …so that’s something! How do you choose your books to review? I’m an author (published and aspiring in a new genre). Would love to send you a review copy when latest book is published [Reneenoelauthor.com]. Best Wishes

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