YA Book Reviews


Adeyemi, Tomi Children of Blood and BoneC—

Ahmed, Samira Love, Hate, and Other Filters —A—

Ahmadi, Arvin How it All Blew UpA—

Albertalli, Becky Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda —A—

Albertalli, Becky The Upside of Unrequited —A—

Albertalli, Becky Leah on the Offbeat  —A—

Albertalli, Becky Kate in WaitingA—

Albertalli, Becky Love, Creekwood C—

Albertalli, Becky and Adam Silvera What If It’s Us A—

Albertalli, Becky and Adam Silvera Here’s to U—A—

Albertalli, Becky and Aisha Saeed Yes No Maybe SoA—

Alsaid, Adi Never Always SometimesC

Alsenas, Linas Beyond Clueless B—

Anderson, M.T. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing Vol. I: The Pox PartyD—

Arnold, David Mosquitoland C—


Bardugo, Leigh Shadow and Bone —A—

Bardugo, Leigh Siege and Storm —A—

Bardugo, Leigh Ruin and Rising —A—

Bardugo, Leigh Six of Crows —A—

Bardugo, Leigh Crooked KingdomA

Bardugo, Leigh King of ScarsA

Bardugo, Leigh Rule of WolvesA

Bardugo, Leigh The Language of Thorns —A—

Bardugo, Leigh Wonder Woman: Warbringer —A—

Barnes, Jenifer Lynn The Inheritance GamesB

Bhuiyan, Tashie Counting Down With You —C—

Black, Holly Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale D—

Black, Holly The Darkest Part of the Forest —A—

Black, Holly The Cruel Prince B—

Brezenoff, Steve Guy in Real Life —D—

Brennan, Sarah Rees In Other Lands —A—

Brennan, Sarah Rees Fence: Striking Distance —A—

Brennan, Sarah Rees Fence: Disarmed —A—

Broadway, Alice Ink B—


Callender, Kacen This is Kind of an Epic Love Story B—

Callender, Kacen Felix Ever AfterA—

Cashore, Kristin Jane, UnlimitedA

Cestari, Crystal Super AdjacentA

Chbosky, Stephen The Perks of Being a Wallflower —A—

Cheaney, J.B. I Don’t Know How the Story Ends B—

Choi, Mary H.K. Emergency ContactA

Clare, Cassandra and Wesley Chu The Red Scrolls of Magic —A—

Clare, Cassandra and Wesley Chu The Lost Book of the White C—

Clare, Cassandra Lady Midnight —A—

Clare, Cassandra Lord of Shadows —A—

Clare, Cassandra Queen of Air and Darkness C—

Clare, Cassandra (and others) Ghosts of the Shadow Market C—

Cohn, Rachel (and David Levithan) Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist B—

Colbert, Brandy Little and Lion —A—

Colbert, Brandy Finding Yvonne B—

Colbert, Brandy The Voting Booth B—

Colfer, Chris Stranger than Fanfiction B—

Conaghan, Brian The Weight of a Thousand Feathers —A—

Cottingham, Kayla My Dearest Darkest —B—

Coulthurst, Aubrey Of Fire and StarsC


Deaver, Mason I Wish You All the Best —A—

de la Cruz, Melissa Alex and Eliza C—

del Toro, Guillermo and Cornelia Funke Pan’s Labyrinth B—

Dinnison, Kris You and Me and Him D—

DiRisio, Carrie Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me —C—

Downham, Jenny Unbecoming —C—

Dunn, Gaby and Allison Raskin i hate everyone but you C—


Emmich, Val with Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul Dear Evan Hansen —A—


Foody, Amanda and Christine Lynn Herman All of Us Villains —A—

Foody, Amanda and Christine Lynn Herman All of Our Demise —A—

Forna, Namina The Gilded Ones C—

Funke, Cornelia The Golden Yarn C—

Funke, Cornelia Inkheart —A—


Garber, Stephanie Caraval C—

Garvin, Jeff Symptoms of Being Human —A—

Garvin, Jeff The Lightness of Hands B—

Green, John Looking for Alaska —A—

Green, John Turtles All the Way DownA

Green, John  (and Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle) Let it SnowA


Hale, Shannon Kind of a Big Deal C—

Han, Jenny To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before B—

Herman, Christine Lynn and Amanda Foody All of Us Villains —A—

Herman, Christine Lynn and Amanda Foody All of Our Demise —A—

Howard, Greg Social Intercourse D—

Hutchinson, Shaun David The Past and Other Things That Should Stay BuriedA

Hutchinson, Shaun David The Apocalypse of Elena MendozaA

Hutchinson, Shaun David At the Edge of the UniverseA



Jackson, Holly A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder —A—

Jackson, Holly Good Girl, Bad Blood —B—

Johnson, Leah You Should See Me in a Crown  B—

Johnson, Leah Rise to the Sun  B—

Johnson, Maureen Truly Devious B—

Johnson, Maureen  (and John Green and Lauren Myracle) Let it Snow —A—

Johnston, E.K. Exit, Pursued by a Bear B—

Johnston, E.K. That Inevitable Victorian Thing C—


Kann, Claire Let’s Talk About Love C—

Kaufman, Amie (and Jay Kristoff) Illuminae: The Illuminae Files _01C

Khorram, Adib Darius the Great is Not OkayA

Khorram, Adib Darius the Great Deserves Better —A—

Khorram, Adib Kiss & Tell —A—

Kincaid, S.J. The Diabolic —A—

Kincaid, S.J. The Empress —B—

Klune, T.J. The Extraordinaries —A—

Klune, T.J. Flash Fire —A—

Konigsberg, Bill Openly StraightB—

Konigsberg, Bill The Music of What Happens —A—


LaCour, Nina (and David Levithan) You Know Me Well —A—

LaCour, Nina We Are OkayB

Lauren, Christina Autoboyography —A—

Lee, C.B. Not Your Sidekick B—

Lee, C.B.  A Clash of Steel —A—

Lee, Emery Meet Cute DiaryA—

Lee, Jenny Anna KC

Lee, Lyla Flip the ScriptA—

Lee, Mackenzi This Monstrous Thing —A—

Lee, Mackenzi The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue —A—

Lee, Mackenzi The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy —A—

Lee, Mackenzi The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky [novella]—A—

Lee, Mackenzi The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks —A—

Lee, Mackenzi Loki: Where Mischief Lies B—

Levenseller, Tricia Daughter of the Pirate King D—

Linn, Laurent Draw the Line C—

Lo, Catherine How it Ends —C—

Lo, Malinda Last Night at the Telegraph Club —A—

Lo, Malinda Ash —B—

Lockhart, E. Genuine Fraud —A—

Lockhart, E. Family of Liars —A—

Lockhart, E. We Were Liars —A—

Logan, Kenneth True Letters from a Fictional Life C—

Lu, Marie Warcross —A—

Lu, Marie Wildcard —C—

Lukens, F.T. In Deeper Waters —B—

Lundin, Britta Ship It —A—


Mac, Carrie 10 Things I Can See From Here  F—

Maas, Sarah J. A Court of Thorns and Roses B—

Mackler, Caroline Infinite in Between B—

Mathieu, Jennifer Moxie —A—

McGee, Katharine American Royals  D—

McInnes, Nicole 100 Days C—

McManus, Karen M. One of Us is Lying B—

McSmith, Tobly Act Cool —B—

McSmith, Tobly Stay Gold —B—

Mesrobian, Carrie Cut Both Ways D—

Meyer, Marissa Renegades —B—

Miller, Sarah Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn —C—

Mills, Emma Foolish Hearts —A—

Mitchell, Saundra with Bob Martin, Chad Beguelin, & Matthew Sklar The Prom C—

Moldavsky, Goldy Kill the Boy Band F—

Morris, Brittney SLAY —A—

Moskowitz, Hannah (and Kat Helgeson) Gena/Finn C—

Murphy, Julie Dumplin’  B—

Murphy, Julie Ramona Blue C—

Myracle, Lauren Shine D—

Myracle, Lauren  (and Maureen Johnson and John Green) Let it Snow —A—


Nazemian, Abdi Like a Love Story —C—

Nelson, Jandy I’ll Give You the Sun —A—

Nelson, Jandy The Sky is Everywhere —A—

Ness, Patrick A Monster Calls —A—

Ness, Patrick The Rest of Us Just Live Here —A—

Ness, Patrick Release B—

Ness, Patrick And the Ocean Was Our Sky —A—

Ness, Patrick Burn —A—

Ngan, Natasha Girls of Paper and Fire B—

Niven, Jennifer All the Bright Places D—


O’Donoghue, Caroline All Our Hidden Gifts —A—

O’Neill, Louise Only Ever YoursC

Ormsbee, Kathryn Tash Hearts Tolstoy B—

Oseman, Alice Radio Silence —A—

Oseman, Alice SolitaireA

Oseman, Alice I Was Born for This —A—

Oseman, Alice Loveless —A—

Oseman, Alice Heartstopper Volume 1 [graphic novel] —A—

Oseman, Alice Heartstopper Volume 2 [graphic novel] A–

Oseman, Alice Heartstopper Volume 3&4 [graphic novel] —A—

Oshiro, Mark Anger is a Gift B—

Ostertag, Molly Knox Girl From the Sea [graphic novel] —A—

Owen, Margaret The Merciful CrowD—


Pacat, C.S. with Johanna the Mad Fence Vol. 1-4 [graphic novel] —A—

Pacat, C.S. with Johanna the Mad Fence: Rise [graphic novel] —A—

Pacat, C.S. Dark Rise A

Patterson, James The Angel Experiment C—

Philippe, Ben The Field Guide to the North American Teenager B—

Poston, Ashley Geekerella B—

Poston, Ashley The Princess and the Fangirl B—

Priemaza, Anna Kat and Meg Conquer the World C—



Redgate, Riley Seven Ways We Lie —A—

Redgate, Riley Noteworthy —A—

Redgate, Riley Final Draft C—

Reeve, Philip The Mortal Engines F—

Reynolds, Jason and Brendan Kiely All American Boys B—

Reynolds, Justin A. Opposite of Always B—

Rishi, Farah Naz I Hope You Get This MessageB

Rivera, Gabby Juliet Takes a BreathB

Roth, Veronica Carve the Mark C—

Rowell, Rainbow Fangirl —A—

Rowell, Rainbow Carry On —A—

Rowell, Rainbow Wayward Son —A—

Rowell, Rainbow Any Way the Wind BlowsA

Rowell, Rainbow Pumpkin Heads  [graphic novel] B—

Rubin, Lance Denton Little’s Deathdate B—

Rubin, Lance Denton Little’s Still Not Dead C—

Rudnick, Paul It’s All Your Fault —D—

Ryan, Tom and Robin Stevenson When You Get the ChanceC—


Sachar, Louis The CardturnerC—

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire The Inexplicable Logic of My Life B—

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe —A—

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World —A—

Sánchez, Erika L. I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter C—

Schwab, Victoria This Savage Song C—

Schwab, V.E. Gallant —A—

Scott, Michael The Alchemyst C—

Scott, Victoria We Told Six Lies D—

Shusterman, Neal Unwind —A—

Shusterman, Neal Unwholly B—

Silvera, Adam More Happy Than Not —A—

Silvera, Adam History is All You Left Me —A—

Silvera, Adam They Both Die at the End —A—

Silvera, Adam Infinity Son —A—

Silvera, Adam Infinity Reaper —A—

Smith, Eric Jagged Little Pill —B—

Spalding, Amy The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles) —A—

Stanley, Shalanda Nick and June Were Here C—

Sterling, Isabel These Witches Don’t Burn B—

Stevens, Courtney Dress Codes for Small Towns B—

Stiefvater, Maggie Shiver D—

Stiefvater, Maggie The Raven Boys A—

Stiefvater, Maggie The Dream Thieves —A—

Stiefvater, Maggie Blue Lily, Lily Blue —A—

Stiefvater, Maggie The Raven King —A—

Stiefvater, Maggie Opal [novella] —A—

Stiefvater, Maggie Call Down the Hawk —A—

Stiefvater, Maggie Mister Impossible —A—

Stiefvater, Maggie The Scorpio Races —B—

Stone, Nic Dear MartinC

Stone, Nic Jackpot —A—

Strand, Jeff The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever B—

Sugiura, Misa It’s Not Like It’s a Secret —A—

Sugiura, Misa Love and Other Natural Disasters —A—

Summers, Courtney Sadie C—

Sutherland, Krystal Our Chemical Hearts —A—


Talley, Robin Pulp B—

Talley, Robin Our Own Private Universe B—

Tash, Sarvenaz The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love —A—

Tash, Sarvenaz Virtually YoursA

Taylor, Laini Strange the Dreamer —A—

Thomas, Aiden Cemetery Boys —A—

Thomas, Aiden Lost in the Never Woods —B—

Thomas, Angie The Hate U GiveA

Thomas, Angie On the Come UpA

Thomas, Angie Concrete RoseA

Thomas, Peyton Both Sides Now —C—

Thrace, Mischa My Whole Truth —A—

Tregay, Sarah Fan Art D—


Ukazu, Ngozi Check, Please! #Hockey [graphic novel] —C—


Verday, Jessica The Hollow F—

Vizzini, Ned Be More Chill C—


Wen, Abigail Hing Loveboat,Taipei C—

Westerfeld, Scott Afterworlds C—

Wilde, Jen Queens of Geek —A—

Wood, Margot Fresh —C—



Yoon, Nicola Everything, Everything D—

Yoon, David Frankly in Love C—


Zappia, Francesca Eliza and her Monsters B—

Zentner, Jeff Goodbye Days C—

Zusak, Markus The Book Thief —A—

Zusak, Markus Bridge of Clay —A—